Zoning Board of Adjustments


The purpose of the board is to hear and decide on appeals and special exceptions to the city ordinance.


  • The Board meets as needed, based on applications submitted to the City.
  • City Hall
    825 W. Irving Blvd
    Irving, TX 75060 


Members, 2020-21

The board consists of five Irving residents and three alternate members.

PositionMembersTerm Ends

Enayet KhanNov. 2021

Clair ShahzadNov. 2021

Nixon ExantusNov. 2021
AlternateRoberts RoderickNov. 2021
AlternateSoliman AndroNov. 2022

Ricky Lightfoot, Jr.Nov. 2022

Robert PalmerNov. 2022
AlternateCarolyn HornerNov. 2022