Student Card

How to Obtain a Student Card

  • Show a current year student photo ID from a middle or high school, college, university or trade school located in Irving (see list below).
  • Or show any kind of photo ID for either you (such as a Park and Rec ID) or a parent with their ID, PLUS an official document from your school with your name, such as a report card, school schedule or enrollment form.
  • No parent is required to obtain a Student ID

About Student Cards

  • Allows check out from library's Digital Downloads collections:
    • eBooks
    • Streaming and downloaded music
    • Digital audiobooks
    • Streaming movies and television shows
    • eMagazines
  • Use of library public computers
  • Access to homework help, including databases
  • The student card does not allow checkouts of physical items, including books, DVDs, and CDs.

Student cards can be upgraded to Full Access or Youth cards. See FAQ below for details.


Student Card Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My school doesn't issue photo IDs. Can I still get a student card?
A: Yes, but if you don't have a photo ID from your school, you'll need to bring two documents. First document is any kind of photo ID with either you (Park and Rec ID) or have a parent come in with their ID. Second document is something official from your school with your name, such as a report card, school schedule or enrollment form.

Q: I don't have a permanent address because I'm homeless. Can I still get a card?
A: Yes, we do not require you to have a home address to obtain a student card.

Q: I go to school in Irving, but I live in another city. Can I still get a card?
A: Yes, we do not require you to live in Irving to get a student card. You just need to show us a current ID from a school located in Irving.

Q: I sometimes lose things. Do you charge a replacement cost if I lose my card?
A: The first replacement card is free. We will charge $2 each time a card is lost after the first replacement. You can also get a free card once the school year begins after August 30.

Q: I have an old Youth card, but it's expired. Can I get a student card?
A: Yes you can. If you ever want to renew your youth card, and be able to check out physical books, a parent will have to come in with you and show two forms of ID.

Q: My Student Card expired on Aug 30th, how can I renew it or get a new one?
A:  To renew your Irving Student card, please visit the library and show your current school ID showing the current school year and school located in Irving.

Q: I owe money on an old card. Can I get a Student card?
A: Yes, but if you want to renew your Student card to a Youth or Full Access card in order to checkout books, all charges on your account will need to be paid.

Q: I already have a Youth card, do I need to get a Student card too?
A: No, with a youth card you already have full access to digital downloads, streaming movies, eBooks, use public computers, as well as you are able to check out books and more from the library.

Q: What if I want to upgrade my Student card to either a Youth (up to 15 years old) or Full Access card (16 years and up)?
A: You can upgrade a student card to a Youth or Full Access card in order to check out books, DVDs and music CDs. Youth card will require your parent to come into an Irving Library to show two forms of ID. Youth cards require a parent to have their own card, so if you live outside of Irving, your parent will need to bring the two IDs and pay an annual $40 non-resident fee for each card. If you want to upgrade to a Full Access cards, you will need to bring in the two forms of IDs. If you live outside of Irving, you will also need to pay a $40 non-resident fee each year for the card.

Eligible Schools for the Student Card program

Irving ISD

  • Irving High School
  • Macarthur High School
  • Nimitz High School
  • Singley High School
  • Cardwell Career Prep Center
  • Austin Middle School
  • Bowie Middle School
  • Crockett Middle School
  • DeZavala Middle School
  • Houston Middle School
  • Johnson Middle School
  • Lamar Middle School
  • Travis Middle School

Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD

  • Ranchview High School
  • Barbara Bush Middle School

Private and Religious Schools

  • Cistercian Preparatory School
  • Faustina Academy
  • Great Hearts Irving
  • The Highlands School
  • Holy Family of Nazareth Catholic School
  • Islamic School of Irving
  • Manara Academy
  • Uplift Infinity Preparatory
  • Uplift North Hills Preparatory
  • Universal Academy

 Colleges, University and Trade Schools

  • Aviation Institute of Maintenance
  • DeVry University
  • Lindsey-Cooper Refrigeration HVAC School
  • North Lake College
  • Strayer University
  • Universal Tech Institute
  • University of Dallas