Summer Reading - Kids

Unleash a universe of stories with summer reading

Did you know your child can boost their reading skills this summer by spending 20 minutes reading every day? Not only will their reading skill stay strong, but you may see an improvement in their grades next year! Irving Public Library is here to help! Our Summer Reading Challenge starts June 1 and ends July 31.

Step 1: Get a reading log 
Pick up a paper reading log at any Irving Public Library OR sign up with the library's online log ReadSquared.

Step 2: Read & record 
Children up to 12 years of age can read to themselves, or be read to, for at least 20 minutes a day during the Challenge. Use your log to keep track of your reading.

Step 3: Pick up prizes
After every seven days of reading, bring your reading log (or ask us to look up your online log) to any Irving Library location between June 7 and Aug. 15 to claim a prize!

Kid's Reading Challenge FAQ

Q: What are this year's prizes?
A: Awards this year include free books, coloring poster, coupons to local restaurants, a reading medal and a reading certificate. 

Q: What can my child read for the challenge?
A: Nearly anything - books you own, books from the library, or books borrowed from a friend. Picture books, non-fiction books, novels, short stories, comics and magazines count! Have your child read to themselves, you can read aloud to them, or they can listen to an audiobook! All reading counts!

Q: Can you recommend any books to read?
A: Each library has suggested reading lists of age- and grade-appropriate books that children love. And if you still need help, ask our children's staff for suggestions.

Q: Do I need an Irving Public Library card to participate?
A: No, a library card is not required to be a part of the reading challenge.


Upcoming Children's Programs July 15-Aug. 3

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View a downloadable list of SRC Children's Events. Discover more free and fun programs on the Children's Calendar.

AppleSummer meal Program

Hungry children are more likely to have social and behavioral issues and face a more significant learning deficiency in summer that sets them back when they return to school in the fall. Due to the generosity of CitySquare Food, children ages 1-18 will be provided with meals during Summer Reading Challenge. This program is free and no registration is required. Visit for more information or call 469-904-7010.

Valley Ranch Library
Monday-Friday   11:25 a.m. to 11:50   June 3 - Aug. 9

West Irving Library
Monday-Friday   11:25 a.m. to noon   June 3 - Aug. 9

South Irving Library, 601 Schulze Drive
Monday-Friday   12:20 to 12:50 p.m.   June 3 - Aug. 9

East Branch Library, 440 S. Nursery Road
To be distributed at nearby Pecan Park
Monday-Friday   1 to 1:40 p.m.   June 3 - Aug. 9