Improving Curb Appeal of Your Property

Free or low-cost ways to enhance curb appeal

What is curb appeal? The visual attractiveness of a home from the street. How can property owners enhance the curb appeal of their homes and businesses for little to no money? The City of Irving's Code Enforcement department offers ideas:

  • Pick up litter, trash and debris on the property.
  • Refrain from parking on the grass or lawn.
  • Mow, edge and sweep grass back onto the lawn instead of into the street.
  • Take trash out on the morning of collection day.
  • Store items not intended for outdoor use inside the home or garage.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of a home or other buildings on the property.
  • Ensure address numbers are applied to the exterior of the structure and are visible from the street.
  • Keep the home or business well-lit and bushes trimmed.
  • Pick up and recycle newspapers, or call the distributor directly to discontinue service.

Code Enforcement Team Thanks Residents for Well-Maintained Homes

The City of Irving’s Code Enforcement Department goes door-to-door throughout Irving neighborhoods to thank residents for a job well-done. The city’s Code Enforcement Department is responsible for ensuring that all Irving residences comply with city ordinances, designed to improve the quality of life and neighborhood appearance.

Throughout the year, the city’s Code Enforcement team will be making rounds, address-by-address, to let property owners know if their properties are compliant. Properties without code violations receive a door hanger thanking the owners for their efforts.

A Code Enforcement officer leaves a "Thank You" door hanger.
A Code Enforcement officer leaves a "Thank You" door hanger.

Department leaders say the goal of this project is to create a snapshot of code compliance in Irving and to set a benchmark. The department will return to each neighborhood the following year and use the benchmark to compare any changes to code compliance conditions.

Members of the Code Enforcement team want all residents to receive a “Thank You” door hanger in recognition of the home’s curb appeal. Homes and lawns with curb appeal are clean, well-maintained and free of litter and objects that do not belong. Neighborhoods with clean and well-kept homes have a positive effect on property values and help create neighborhood pride.

For questions about this initiative or the Code Enforcement Department, call (972) 721-4929 or (972) 721-4829.