Choose a Career FAQ

Why is a choosing a career important?
Choosing a career is a very important decision. There are many things to think about such as salary and matching a career to your personality. There are many tools and resources that will help you find the information that you are looking for.

How can I find out what an appropriate salary is for the position that I am applying for?
A salary survey is a tool can be used to determine the average salary for a certain job or specific career field. Glassdoor posts salaries of over 23,000 companies.

How far will my salary go in another city?
The cost of living changes from city to city, This Cost of Living Calendar will compare costs of living in hundreds of cities in the United States.

Where can I find a job that matches my personality? 
HumanMetrics provides a brief questionnaire to determine your type formula according to Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs typology. Take the Jung Typology Test and receive a description of your personality type then use the Jung Career Indicator for a list of occupations most suited to your personality type.

Help for Career-Changers

Can I use my current skills to find another job in another field?
You can enter information from your last job on My Skills, My Future and find occupations that can utilize your currents skills and traits. You can also find salary comparisons, links to educational resources, and job listings.

Where can I find information on job duties, education and training needed, pay, and job prospects? 
The Occupational Outlook Handbook is where you can find out what workers do on the job, working conditions, training and education needed, salary and earnings, and future job prospects for a wide range of occupations.

Where can I get more occupational information for changing careers?
The O*Net Resource Center includes tools to learn about and explore over 900 different careers. You can download the free O*Net Database to get information on hundreds of occupations. This database also provides evaluation tools for workers looking to find or change careers. You can also see important information including skills, tasks, salaries, and search actual job openings.

You can also find articles on specific career and tips on job-hunting from nearly 350 magazines and trade publications in our Vocational and Career Collection.