Renew My Library Card

Any Irving Library card can be renewed if the customer has no overdue materials or fees posted to the account. You can check your account online through the library’s Polaris catalog.


Cards can be renewed in person at the South Irving Library, Valley Ranch Library or West Irving Library. Consult this list of acceptable forms of identification (PDF) to see what you need to bring with you to renew the card. Non-residents will pay the required annual non-resident fee at this time.


You may renew a card without visiting the library by emailing a scanned copy or photo of each of the following acceptable forms of identification to Library Circulation Please write RENEW IPL CARD in the email subject line. Allow up to three days for the card renewal to be processed and approved. An email reply will be sent to confirm that the card is renewed or to provide instructions for the online payment of the required Non-resident Fee. NOTE: We cannot guarantee the security of personal information emailed to the library. 


Please provide a photo or pdf of each item below (3 items). Email

1. Renewing Card: Photo of back of current library card
 New Card: PACREG card # (assigned when preregistered online)

 2. Online List A - Photo ID (must show complete ID card with clear picture and name)
Valid State-Issued ID or Driver’s License
Government-Issued ID
U.S. Residency Visa
Mexican Consular Card

3.  Online List B - Address ID* (must show name and address)
Current signed lease agreement
Current car or vehicle insurance
Current voter’s registration card
Utility bill from past 60 days

*Business mail envelope showing name and address is not acceptable for online card renewal or registration

Homebound Library Card 

You may renew the Homebound card by sending an updated letter from a physician, social worker, or residence administrator or by sending a notarized statement that confirms the applicant’s name and address and the homebound status due to a physical impairment.

Youth Card 

 Youth cards are not eligible for online renewals.

Irving Student Card

Student cards expire every Aug 30th, at the beginning of the new school year. To renew an Irving Student card, please visit the library and show your current school ID showing the current school year and school located in Irving. Or scan and upload a student ID, report card or other proof of enrollment at an eligible Irving school over LibChat to renew.

Corporate Card 

Each authorized Corporate card issued is renewable annually. The company or business will send an updated authorization request and an updated application (PDF) with any changes. The updated authorization list must be submitted on company letterhead.

Texshare card

Due to the nature of the renewal process, TexShare cards cannot be requested or renewed by chat. They can be renewed in person and by email only. Please see our TexShare page for more information. 

Computer Access Card 

You may renew an expired Computer Use Only card by presenting an acceptable form of identification from this list in person or over LibChat. Non-residents and those who can not provide an current address ID will need to pay the $10 annual card fee in order to renew the card.

online use Only eCard

To renew an expired eCard, please resubmit an updated eCard application online and select your method of payment during the application process.  There is an annual $40 card fee for the eCard.


Renew by Chat

Renew By Chat

Chat Hours:
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Thursday
10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday

If you’d prefer to renew your library card more quickly, please connect to a librarian through chat. The tab to jump into the chat is located on the right side of the window and has the wording "Ask Us." Click on the tab and the chat window opens. Please have your library card, photo ID (online list A) and proof of address (online List B) ready. Non-residents will need to pay the annual non-resident fee of $40 to renew their library card.

We will need to verify some information. As part of this process, you will need to upload a picture of the back of your library card, your current photo ID and an address ID showing the correct address. The address ID can be any of the following:

  • Current signed lease agreement 
  • Current car or vehicle insurance 
  • Current voter’s registration card 
  • Utility bill from past 60 days

More information can be found here:

NOTE: We cannot guarantee the security of personal information emailed to the library or uploaded to the chat service.