PID #2/TIF #4: Campion Hollows

Campion Hollows

The City of Irving Public Improvement District (PID) #2/Tax Increment Financing district (TIF) #4 was established in 2013 and consists of 37 acres of land located in the northeast corner of the City of Irving, near the intersection of Interstate Highway 635 and Valley Ranch Parkway East. Campion Hollows is also known as Ranchview.

The purpose of PID #2/TIF #4 is to help pay for the project costs associated with development. Specific project costs included:

  • The development of a new park adjacent to the entrance of Campion Trails.
  • Landscaping improvements to the City of Irving right-of way between Valley Ranch Parkway East and I-635.
  • Other water distribution and sanitary sewer improvements.
Campion Hollows community - Irving TX