Big Write 2016 Winners - Grades 1 & 2

Coming to Texas in Summer
by Aditri Amresh

It was a hot day
In the month of May,
We landed in Dallas
After a long flight from Madras.
Papa was already here,
I came with mom so we all be near.
We were tired and sleepy,
With no kids shouting, the apartment seemed creepy.
My new school was Valley Ranch,
I hoped to see Rodeo shows by chance.
However the school was almost the same,
But food was different, all with new names.
Now I know all these food,
And everything is so good.
I have new friends to play,
and we don't mind the sun,
America now is so much fun!

My Views about America
by Shivaani Ayyapparajasekaran

I like parks
because its green and clean,
I like roads
because its neat and straight,
I like teachers
because they are nice and soft,
I like police
because they are brave and bold.

by Ethan Michael

Welcome to America,
a land of 50 states,
All united by 3 simple colors,
Red White and Blue!
Lots of buildings, lots of shops,
Lots of places for you to stop,
Super sweet sights for all to see,
A tremendous country of joy!