Big Write 2016 Winners - Grades 3 to 5

The New Life
by Riya Ramesh

I remember that specific day,
just like it was yesterday,
all those sights, sounds and smells,
Cannot replace any other day.
Let me tell you how I came,
And how I was not the same.
I remember all the sad good-byes,
As I left from India on my flight,
All the happiness and the joy,
Just vanished behind me like a toy.
As soon as I stepped off the plane,
I saw a shop with a name so insane.
"Pizza Hut" what kind of name is that,
In India we ate food on a family mat.
Hmm I guess I'll go try it out,
And see how much it is about.
Yuck, too chewy just like rubber,
So I dropped it on the plate just like flubber.
Many hard years and struggles later,
I sit with a platter,
of all the pizza you can eat,
with a new life and a new treat!

A New Country
by Tarini Gupta

Red, white and blue soaring in the sky
all I could think
or even
about was the new land. The wonders
and opportunities that awaited us

I got off the ship
the country
so foreign
as I got home from the ship
I felt home sick
left behind A new start
at first it felt like
a box of markers was shut so
there was no room for me
But the people in America had their arms wide open
for me
By the end of it
I thought all the markers moved closers
to make room for

by Alessandra S. Macias

Hullendo de la violencía
deje a mi México amado,
y llege a este gran país
como cualquier refugiado.

Añovando a mi pueblo,
la calidez de su gente,
su cultura, su costumbre,
todo es tan diferente.

Pero encontre gente buena,
trabajadora y luchona,
no los indeseables,
como cualquier tarado pregona.

Este es un gran país,
que abarca muchas naciones,
muchas razas, colores y tradiciones
trabajan mano, con mano,
para poder lograr
el gran sueño americano.

Running from the violence
I left my dearest Mexico,
And got here to this great country
Like many other refugees.

Remembering my town,
And the gentle people,
the culture, the customs,
everything is so different.

But I found the people
hard working and determined,
Not the undesirables
Like any hypocrite yells.

This great country
that encompasses many nations,
Many races, colors, and traditions,
working hand-in-hand,
to accomplish the American dream.