Big Write 2016 Winners - Grades 6 to 8

by Yididiya Kassahun

I'm from Ethiopia and am Ethiopian.
I'm from the Rue leaf and the Equalyptus tree
with long limbs.
I'm from Efriem and Ariyet
and from large family gatherings.
That changed when my dad left to America when I was nine.
When I was eleven we all got back together.
I'm from Efriem and Ariyet.
I'm from small family gatherings.
I'm from Ethiopia and am Ethiopian.

by Nataniel Gonzales

I came frightened
about to stay down,
I came alone and hungry,
almost weeping.

At the restaurant,
I fell asleep.

I went to buy a basket,
and a ball
at Academy,
and mounted the basket,
the next day.

Now I feel,
Not so frightened.

by Nolan Rodriquez

I was coming to United States,
with two aunts,
my mom and,
my dad.

During the trip,
I ate a lot of tacos,
we did stop at Walmart,
because my dad got tired.

I get into the United States,
at 7:00 am.
In my uncles' house
nobody opens the door.

When I was coming to the United States,
something wrong happened,
with the car,
I think the car needed water.

At the border we need to wait,
4 hours,
for the permission,
to pass into the United States.