Road to the Future

Road to the Future: $200 Million in 10 Years

Irving has officially launched its new program, "Road to the Future: $100 Million in 5 Years," supporting road reconstruction and rehabilitation across the city.

Resident surveys consistently have shown road maintenance and improvement is the highest ranked priority throughout the city. In response, the current Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) incorporates the proposed Long-Term Financial Plan recommendation to dedicate revenues equivalent to one cent of the property tax rate to street projects.

In addition, the growth in taxable values has created additional capacity to issue bonds. With this in mind, city staff continues to develop plans to achieve the goal of investing $100 million in street improvements over five years. The Fiscal Year (FY) 2016-17 CIP plan includes $1.1 million in pay-as-you-go capital funding for street rehabilitation. This will increase to $2.2 million in FY 2017-18 and also will allow for the capacity to sell an additional $22.5 million in debt for street reconstruction and rehabilitation.

The City of Irving Capital Improvement Program Director Casey Tate and Traffic and Transportation Director Dan Vedral provided an update at the April 21, 2017. It includes an explanation of the process to evaluate all 1,400 lane miles of roadway in the city, as well as which roads will be prioritized for repair. For comparison, to maintain all the city's roadways continuously, staff estimate it would cost $800 million annually. The city's current budget provides $2 million for road maintenance. The Road to the Future program will provide $100 million dollars for road maintenance over a five-year period.

  1. A freshly paved road.

    Road to the Future Projects Continue into 2023

    As 2023 moves forward, so does the City of Irving’s Road to the Future: $200 Million in 10 Years program. Now in its sixth year, the cross-departmental program has moved into Phase 2, which will run through 2028. Read on...
  2. Construction workers prepare an excavated section of Irving Boulevard for paving.

    Irving Boulevard Reconstruction Reaches Milestone

    The Irving Boulevard reconstruction project is over 50% complete and on schedule to be finished later this year. The largest portion of the project, replacement of water, wastewater and storm drain systems, is almost complete. Read on...
  3. Looking north along MacArthur Boulevard, at Northgate Drive.

    MacArthur Boulevard Reconstruction Project to Begin in Early 2023

    Irving residents will soon see orange cones as they drive along MacArthur Boulevard. Beginning in January 2023, the City of Irving Capital Improvement Program (CIP) will launch a two-year project that runs from Metker Street to Byron Nelson Way. Read on...
  4. The roadway of MacArthur Boulevard, just north of Northgate Drive.

    Road to the Future Project Continues as City Looks Ahead to Phase 2

    Irving’s “Road to the Future: $100 Million in 5 Years” program is currently in its fifth year with city leaders planning the next phase of the ambitious, cross-departmental program. Read on...
  5. A crew places fresh asphalt on Rock Island Road.

    Summer Overlay Project Kicks Off

    Irving Traffic and Transportation Department’s Streets Division will begin Year Five of the Road to the Future Summer Overlay Project, with improvements scheduled on 21 roadways across the city. Read on...
  6. 2021 Road to the Future Progress Report – Maintenance Operations Only

    Members of City Council's Transportation and Natural Resources Committee heard an update from the Traffic and Transportation Department, Street Division, regarding the annual Summer Asphalt Overlay Program, as part of the Road to the Future program. Read on...
  7. Paving work done on Second Street in Irving, Texas.

    Streets Crews Begin Work Early on Summer Overlay Project

    For the second year in a row, the City of Irving Traffic and Transportation Department’s Streets Division has started road construction ahead of schedule. Read on...
  8. A patched road that will be replaced in the Conflans Project water/wastewater improvement project.

    City's Water, Wastewater Improvement Project to Affect 132 Properties

    The $5.4 million Conflans, Huntingdon, Lincolnshire, Little John and Nottingham Water and Wastewater Improvements Project will maintain and extend water, wastewater and stormwater systems in the area. Read on...
  9. Paving work done on Second Street in Irving, Texas.

    Summer Overlay Project Kicks Off Ahead of Schedule

    Irving residents will see crews rehabilitating roads ahead of schedule as part the city’s Road to the Future Summer Overlay Project. The milling and overlay work on residential streets usually begins in June. This year, construction began April 20. Read on...
  10. An update on the Road to the Future project.

    Road to the Future: Year 3 Projects to Begin

    A resurfacing project on Second Street in Irving will be the first in the next round of road improvement projects. They are all part of Irving’s five-year "Road to the Future" initiative. Read on...
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