Land Bank Properties

Residential Property

The City of Irving owns nearly 10 acres of banked land, which now is recommended for new residential development. See the map below.

The city will offer the tracts in multiple groupings, and it also will include single lot offerings to encourage a variety of home builders to participate in the revitalization. In addition, Irving will offer a five-acre tract to a single developer to build a multilot single-family development.

For those interested in renovation projects, three existing single-family residences within the land bank will be offered. If renovation is determined to be unfeasible, the city will allow new housing be built on these properties.

Commercial Property

Regarding new commercial development, the City of Irving will offer 0.20 acres of land located at 124 S. O’Connor Road. It currently is a public parking lot; however, the location is a corner lot on a heavily traveled street, making it ideal for development.

For more information, please email Andre Pharms or contact by phone at (972) 721-4789.

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