Field Rental Policies

Any questions regarding topics not included should be directed to the Athletics Division. The requesting person/organization is responsible for adhering to these polices and ensuring all players, spectators, attendees, vendors, etc., are aware of these policies.

Failure to adhere to these policies may result in cancellation of current rental contract and will result in denial of future rental applications.

  1. Game schedules must be submitted to the Athletics Division no later than 72 hours prior to rental.
  2. Each field is designed to have one game played on it at a time. If individual fields have simultaneous games being played on them or an additional setup is required, an additional fee will be charged.
  3. The facility gates will open at 7 a.m. Games may begin at 8 a.m., unless otherwise stated.
  4. Uniformed police or security officers may be required for rentals. Renter will be notified if security is needed after review of rental information by the Athletics Division and/or Police Department. The entire cost of the security is the responsibility of the renter and must be paid directly to the vendor.
  5. Alcoholic beverages and gambling are prohibited on City of Irving property. This includes fields, parking lots, open spaces and roadways. (Ordinance Number 3519, § 1, 9-11-80; Ordinance Number 5621, § 2, 5-11-89; Ordinance Number 8047, § 1, 9-5-02; Ordinance Number 8405, § 1, 11-4-04)
  6. Smoking and the use of tobacco product is not permitted. (Ordinance Number 2015-9662, § 1, 2-19-15)
  7. Facility staff reserves the right to cancel an event in whole or in part. Field closures may result from inclement weather, poor playing conditions or field damage which may cause hazardous safety considerations for the public or excessive repairs to the field.
  8. If lightning is seen, a mandatory game delay of 30 minutes will be enforced for all players, coaches, officials and guests; all must leave the fields and seek shelter. Staying in dugouts, near fields or under pavilions is not acceptable. Updates will be communicated to the tournament organizer. Tournament organizer will make the determination.
  9. Staff or registered volunteers from the Parks and Recreation Department will be on-site during all events at staffed facilities and are the only authorized personnel to perform field maintenance, unless otherwise communicated.
  10. Personal 10x10 tents or canopies are allowed in designated areas only. The placement is determined by facility staff in order to maintain safe traffic flow and views of fields. Failure to comply will result in patron being asked to leave the facility. Renter is requested to assist with ensuring their participants and spectators comply.
  11. Parking is permitted only in designated areas. Street parking and parking in grass areas are prohibited. Private vehicles are not allowed in or near field areas.
  12. Illegally parked vehicles may be ticketed or towed.
  13. Approved vendors will be allowed to unload vehicles at assigned locations prior to participants’ arrival. If arriving after the event has started or participants are present, they must unload vehicles in the parking lot.
  14. League associations will be given priority for providing concessions. Should they choose not to, the renter will be allowed to make other arrangements, subject to Athletics Division approval. A temporary food permit will be required through the City of Irving Code Enforcement Department. All nonfood vendors are subject to approval by the Athletics Division.
  15. The Athletics Division does not supply or maintain water coolers for participants or spectators. Personal coolers are permitted. Drinks are available on-site from the concessionaire, vending machines (if applicable) and water fountains.
  16. No home grills are permitted.
  17. Athletic trainers or medical staff for events are not provided by the city. It is strongly recommended that the renter have an emergency medical plan in place.
  18. Pets are not permitted inside the sporting complex/fields. In parks, all pets must be leashed and under control at all times, and all pet waste must be cleaned immediately.
  19. All signage content and placement must be approved by the Athletics Division.
  20. Signs and banners can be hung along a fence and must be removed at the end of the event. No solicitation of alcohol and tobacco products are permitted.
  21. No propane heaters are allowed.
  22. Golf carts may be used during an event with Athletics Division approval.
  23. No more than two (2) two-day tournaments per month will be allowed. Multiday tournaments must be approved by the Athletics Division.