Troubleshooting Tips

Get back on track enjoying eBooks and digital audiobooks with our quick fixes.

Irving Public Library's collection of thousands of eBooks and digital audiobooks online is one of the best (and free) methods for feeding your book habit. Setting up our Digital Download services on your computer or mobile device can be easy, but occasionally we hear from you when a service no longer works as expected. Occasionally the problem is due to something much bigger, like an Internet brownout, but many times we can quickly identify the problem when an app no longer works, the screen doesn't look right, or an eBook just cuts off in the middle.

Through our work with customers, we've discovered easy solutions to many reported problems. Here are the top tips for fixing eBook and digital audiobook issues.


1) Turn the device off (power down) and then turn it back on

Resetting your device can solve many problems, from an eBook that won’t finish loading, to making control buttons on an audiobook reappear. This tip comes straight from the IT support desk, and I’m always amazed how often it works.

2) Delete and reload the app

Between updates to your operating system software and updates to your apps, sometimes things just stop working like they should. If your app isn’t responding to simple commands, delete the app, and then reload it through your app store. You’ll most likely need to login to the service once its reloaded.

3) Check your account

Maybe you have an overdue item or your library card recently expired? You need a current library account with no blocks (i.e. items overdue past 10 days or fees) to use our Digital Download services. You can check your library account online anytime by visiting the catalog, click on the MY ACCOUNT tab and select My Record to check if your card is still valid, or select Fines & Fees to check for blocks.

4) Check your PIN

Did you update your personal identification number at the library when you renewed your card?  If you have a new PIN, be sure to update the information in your app by logging out, and then re-logging into your account using your new PIN.  If you can’t remember your PIN, you can always call us for help, or reset it yourself by visiting the catalog and following instructions found under HELP tab > Set a PIN.

5) Check your Library Card number

Did you recently replace a lost library card? If you have a new library card number, be sure to update the information in your app.

  • Libby: Open Libby and press the Libby icon at bottom center. On the next screen, choose "See Library Cards." Now click "Actions" on the card image/display. Choose "Rename" card from the list. Enter your new card number (no spaces) and press SAVE.
  • Hoopla: Log in with your email address and password. Click on Settings icon (top right gear icon), then Library. Enter your new library card barcode and/or PIN, then SAVE. For more information on Hoopla error messages click here.
  • Kanopy: Log in with your email address and password. Click the down arrow by your name (top-right corner), then select My Dashboard. Click the orange Edit library card to update your library card and/or PIN, then SAVE.

6) Delete the eBook / audiobook, then reload it

Does your audiobook or eBook suddenly stop? It’s probably because your connection to local Wi-Fi was cut when you were downloading the title, so you didn’t get the entire file. You’ll need to delete the file, then download a fresh copy.  Be sure NOT to check in (aka “return”) the title.  If you downloaded the item twice and it’s still cuts off at the same spot, email us.

7) Check your Wi-Fi connection

Do you like to stream an eBook or audiobook through your web browser rather than downloading it to an app? If you’re audiobook stops working a few minutes after you leave an area, it’s probably because you’re no longer in Wi-Fi range. Be sure your Wi-Fi connection is up and working. You can tell if you’re connected by looking for a small Wi-Fi icon that looks like bars or concentric partial circles. You can also check your device’s settings under Wi-Fi to see if it’s been turned off.

8) Contact support

If you’ve tried our tips and it STILL doesn’t work, we’re here to help. Please complete the following Digital Downloads Troubleshooting form and we will return your message during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. The form will ask that you please provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Library card number
  • The service you’re using (Libby, Hoopla Digital, etc.)
  • The title of the item you’re having problems with
  • The type of device you’re using (Apple, Android, Kindle Fire, etc.)
  • A brief description of the problem.

This information helps us to quickly locate the right instructions, and attempt to replicate your problem. We will provide you a written response within in a couple of business days.  If the problem persists, we can set up an appointment with you and your device at one of our libraries.