On July 22, 2021 Irving City Council repealed and replaced Chapter 6 – Animal Services section of the city ordinances to protect public health and safety, and match with federal and state laws. The new updates are effective immediately.


  1. Microchip Identification
  2. Proper Shelter for Pets
  3. Animal Vehicle Safety
  4. Aggressive Dog Requirements
  5. Keeping of Livestock, Domestic Fowl and Bees

Microchip identification and registration required for dogs and cats, Irving pet registration no longer required.

Pet owners are required to microchip all dogs and cats over four (4) months of age and register the microchip with a national registry. Animal Services Officers have microchip scanners in their vehicles and check lost animals for microchips and other identification in an effort to take the lost pets back home. Many animals are returned without being impounded at the animal shelter.

City pet registration is no longer required. Residents that have a current pet registration as of July 22 will not be required to microchip their pet until that registration has expired.

To assist residents, Irving Animal Services (IAS) offers low-cost microchipping services and hosts free, quarterly microchipping events at the Irving Animal Care Campus, 4140 Valley View Lane. The next free event is Oct. 30. Proof of residency is required. Visit Irving Animal Services Calendar for details. 

For more information on microchips and the benefits, visit CityofIrving.org/Microchip.

Additional articles included in the updated Animal Services ordinance include:

  • Limits a single household to no more than eight animals, four months and older. Multipet permits no longer required.
  • Restricts the sale of animals less than eight weeks of age. Additionally, limits the sale of any animal on any public property, like a parking lot.
  • Individuals that find a lost pet need to notify Irving Animal Services or return the pet to its owner within 48 hours. 
  • Permit required for breeding dogs and cats.
  • The keeping, selling of wild animals is prohibited
  • Spay/neuter requirements for pets
    • Pet owners are required to spay/neuter their dog and/or cat that bites a person, domestic animal or livestock while at large. Owners must show proof to Animal Services within 30 days from the incident.
    • Animals that have been impounded at the shelter more than once in 12 consecutive months are required to be spayed/neutered.
  • Limits the feeding of animals when it:
    • Is a danger to public health or safety,
    • Destroys public or private property, or
    • Causes more than 10 animals to congregate at one time