The City of Irving participates in the Texas Municipal Retirement System.

  • Employees contribute 7 percent of salary.
  • City of Irving matches 2 to 1.
  • Vested after five years of service.
  • Eligibility at 20 years of service at any age or at 60 years of age with at least five years of service.
  • Supplemental Benefit Plan: 2.5 percent employee contribution for supplemental retirement annuity. The fund also provides for long-term disability protection and survivor benefits.
Benefits Who Pays When Eligible? What You Will Receive? 
Deferred Compensation PlanEmployeeImmediatelyTax-deferred savings program for retirement.
Retirement (Texas Municipal Retirement Systems (TMRS))City / EmployeeImmediatelyEmployee contribution is 7 percent with a two-to-one match by the city upon retirement, with a five-year vesting.
Supplemental Benefit PlanEmployeeImmediatelyEmployee contribution is 2.5 percent; plan provides supplemental retirement, long-term disability and survivors benefits.
TMRS Death BenefitCityImmediatelyEmployee's beneficiary receives an amount equal to previous 12-months' salary.