1. Stay Informed with Animal Services

  1. Pet-Vaccination

    Vaccinate Your Dog, Protect Them Against Distemper and Parvo

    Springtime in Texas means warmer temperatures, and unfortunately, a surge in parvo and distemper infections in animals. Irving Animal Services (IAS) is seeing an increase in sick raccoons, most likely caused by the distemper virus. Read on...
  2. Coyote

    Steps to Avoiding Coyote Encounters

    Many residents have reached out to Irving Animal Services (IAS) expressing concerns about coyote attacks. While IAS hasn't had any reported attacks in Irving, staff would like to remind residents of a few easy steps they can take to stay safe. Read on...
  3. Post-Operative Care Guidelines for Pets

    Post-Operative Care Guidelines for Pets

    Proper pet care is important after any surgery, including spaying and neutering. Follow these guidelines to avoid serious injury and maintain optimum health. Read on...
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