1. Stay Informed with Animal Services

  1. Woman walking her dog at night.

    Safety Tips for Nighttime Dog Walking

    The daylight is shorter but you can still enjoy an evening stroll through the neighborhood with your beloved pet. Read on...
  2. Woman and beagle looking at falling snow.

    Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

    Brrrr, its cold outside. During the winter months, pets are susceptible to the frigid cold temperatures just like their owners. Follow these tips to keep your pet warm and healthy this winter. Read on...
  3. Pet Owners Encouraged to Work Out with Pets

    New Year, New Healthier You

    The New Year is often a time of health-centered resolutions. Pet owners receive more than companionship from their animals. In fact, the special bond between people and pets can lower stress levels and promotes social interaction. Read on...
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