1. Stay Informed with Animal Services

  1. Memorial-Day-Adoption

    Rescue a Best Friend with Unconditional Love

    In honor of Memorial Day, all pets 1 year and older are free to adopt May 21-25. Read on...
  2. Kittens at the Irving shelter - June 2016

    Spring Brings a Flood of Kittens to Irving Animal Services

    Irving Animal Services (IAS) is looking for people willing to care for young kittens until they are eight to 10 weeks old, when they can be returned to the shelter to be spayed/neutered and adopted. Read on...
  3. Ruthie is a gray cat with amber eyes who was adopted by a foster.

    Adopt, Volunteer, Foster for Pawfect Lifetime Moments

    Excited tail wags, cuddle sessions and tongues-out smiles are some of the special moments Irving Animal Services’ (IAS) pets give their families. Shelter pets, whether adopted or fostered, bring joy and laughter to their homes and a lifetime of memories. Read on...
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