Tech 4 U

Technology is everywhere today and it can be frustrating trying to determine where to get help. Tech 4 U brings together the library's tech-related resources to assist with the following: 

  • Set up eBooks and digital media on a personal device.
  • Take a computer or tech-related class at the library or online.
  • Make digital creations at the library's makerspaces.
  • Get personal help with a technology-related issue.


Irving Public Library offers digital book, audiobook, magazine, video and music services. Get started with downloading apps and following step-by-step instructions by selecting a device type below:



Self-Paced Online Classes is for people who are new to computers or who haven’t used a computer in a long time. For computer users who are a little unsure and uncomfortable or just need a bit of a refresher, this website has short tutorials to help them tackle technology at their own pace and gain the confidence they need to succeed. 

LearningExpress Library offers basic classes for computer applications from Adobe, Corel and Microsoft Office. Users can set up a username and password to track their progress. 

LinkedIn Learning hosts a constantly growing video library with over 6,000 courses covering business, design, web development and multimedia skills, as well as software applications and computer programming languages. From basic to advanced courses, students can earn certificates of completion they can post to a LinkedIn profile. 

In-Person Classes

The library’s appointment-based Tech Help service can provide library patrons with one-on-one tech help catered to their needs. 
See the Tech Help page for more information. 

The library also sometimes offers group classes on technology-related topics. See the Event Calendar for a list of upcoming classes.

Discovery and Creation at Library Makerspaces

The South Irving Library and Valley Ranch Library feature labs for making digital and real-space items. The West Irving Library’s space is still in the process of opening but offers some STEM classes for children. Usage of the spaces requires an orientation session and signing a user agreement and liability waiver. 

Visit the MiY Zone Makerspace page for more details.