Joshua Elliott

Joshua ElliottMy time with the Irving Police Department (IPD) so far has been an incredible experience. Having applied with other departments around the Dallas-Fort Worth area and one in South Texas, I can say that Irving was the right choice. From the Civil Service Test (March 24, 2018) to my hire date (June 25, 2018) Irving's Human Resources Department was very professional and clear with what was expected from me.

The entire process may seem daunting, but it is actually very straightforward. After passing the written test, I was given my Personal History Statement (PHS) and allowed a week to complete it and turn it in. This is the most overwhelming part due to the sheer number of pages and detailed information they are requesting. After turning in my PHS, it becomes a waiting game. Waiting for IPD to contact you.

It took approximately six weeks for IPD to contact me, mostly due to my position on the eligibility list. From that day on, the hiring process flew by.

Next was the completion of a personality assessment and polygraph exam. This was completed within a day, and I had my results back in a couple of days. The next big thing was my Oral Board. This consisted of six officers of different ranks and assignments asking me everything from “Why Irving” to what I would do in certain situations. This lasted almost two hours! Ten minutes after that I was given a conditional job offer. All that was left was the medical exam and psychological evaluation. The psychological exam was easy in my opinion. The medical exam was long and tedious, as the place I had to go had a three-hour wait.

After my passing results came back, I was officially hired. My first day was June 25. Since then and while waiting to go to the academy, I have gotten to experience various divisions in the department and gain valuable knowledge from each one. I’ve gone on numerous ride-outs with some fantastic officers and gotten to learn from them firsthand in the field. It has been an incredibly beneficial time, and I cannot wait to see it all translate into my everyday routine throughout my career.