Christian Hernandez

Christian HernandezAfter graduating in December 2017, I realized the career path that I had chosen wasn’t right for me. I decided to pursue what I have always wanted to do which was serve my community. I took my first step by applying to various agencies which included Plano, Mesquite, Dallas and Irving.

Leading up to the Irving Civil Service exam, I attended the practice physical fitness tests that the department was offering. These practices proved to be very beneficial, and I believe to be key in my hiring and my decision in choosing Irving as the community I would serve. Irving's Human Resources Department painted a clear picture of what it meant to be an Irving police officer and the expectations that follow.

I took the Irving Civil Service exam on March 24, 2018, and it proved to be one of the more challenging exams out of all the ones I took for police. But I expected nothing less, considering how highly regarded this department is throughout the Metroplex. I felt confident on how well I did on the exam and how I performed on the physical fitness test, so I patiently waited for the call. After filling out and turning in the Personal History Statement, it was only a few weeks before I heard back from them with the good news that I was moving on through the process. 

Once we got the ball rolling, everything fell into place. Staff was very flexible in working me through the process while I was still working full-time and part-time with previous employers. We took each step one week at a time while working it around my busy schedule.

I took the polygraph in May, and the rest of the process which included the oral board, psychological evaluation and medical evaluation happened all in the following weeks. It was a swift process. In all, the process took three months.

I was hired on June 25 and have been learning the ins and outs of the Irving Police Department since. I have seen how everyone in the department works together towards the common goal of providing exceptional service to the City of Irving residents. More importantly, I have learned the standards, expectations and values of an Irving police officer. Spending this time around the station has helped me better understand what and who it is I will be representing at the academy this upcoming fall.