Charles Shewmaker

Charles Shewmaker

Hiring Process

I first applied through, which was very easy and painless. I received an email 10 days later for the next step. I thought it was awesome that people were given the opportunity to practice and get pointers for the physical fitness portion.

I found the civil service test to be very long with a lot of reading. I was frustrated that I ran out of time, due to lack of sleep the night before from being at the hospital for my child’s birth. I also found the physical test to be very easy to pass. It could be a little more difficult.

Completing the Personal History Statement was long and tedious due to the information that needed to be gathered. It was simple and we were given ample time to complete it. I waited about five weeks before I was contacted to proceed through the hiring process.

My polygraph was interesting but very easy. The prepolygraph interview with Officer Gard helped ease nervousness by answering all of my questions. After that, I had a ride along on B nights that removed any doubt or questions about choosing Irving Police Department (IPD) as my new career choice.

My oral board was one of the tougher things I had to do but was straight forward and fair. The psychological exam was easy but long. There are so many questions. SO MANY! Next was medical and that was very frustrating due to the time it took. Overall, I felt the hiring process was very smooth and streamlined.

Now that I am hired and waiting for the basic academy, I have been working out at both police stations, the academy and participating in ride-outs. I have been given the opportunity to experience what makes the Irving Police Department a well-oiled and functional machine.

Three months through the Police Academy ...

I am happy to say I have past the midway point at the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) Regional Police Academy. It has been fun, challenging and physically demanding. There is a lot of studying due to the large volume of information given in a short period of time. My class has learned how to work as a team and depend on each other with getting tasks accomplished. The instructors are very knowledgeable and passionate about helping us excel in the career. They are definitely blunt about getting their points across and telling you when you are wrong, but they will take the time to help whenever you need it. So far, we have all experienced leadership roles and have grown as individuals. I can’t wait for the better courses of the academy such as firearms training, driving, taser, OC, and most importantly, graduation.