Irving Connects

Irving Connects addresses future opportunities as data becomes more readily available and technology continues to advance. Irving Connects allows the city to focus on using data and technology to address pressing challenges associated with service delivery, safety, and sustainability.

In order to improve the quality of life for residents and to remain a front runner in the North Texas area for attracting and retaining top corporations, Irving will need to utilize smart city approaches. Irving Connects serves as a platform for allowing the city to vision, strategically plan, and manage its smart city approaches.

Irving's smart city initiatives are tracked in the Irving Connects Dashboard


Irving Connects will use data and technology to improve government efficiency, bolster economic development, and enhance the overall quality of life. 


The City of Irving will be a forward-looking city, connecting its evolving approach to technologies with improving Irving’s way of life.

What is a Smart City

Many cities around the world are embracing smart city approaches when planning their futures, delivering services, and building infrastructure. A smart city is one that is innovative and uses technology and data to solve current and future problems associated with increased urbanization. 

Irving Connects Brochure