Fitness Test Standards and Instructions

  1. Illinois Agility Run
  2. One minute Sit-up Test
  3. 300 Meter Run
  4. Push Up Test
  5. 1.5 Mile Run

The first event is the Illinois agility run, a measure of coordinated movement and speed. It is an important area for performing tasks requiring quick movements around obstacles.

Start in the prone position to the left of the first cone with the tips of your fingers behind the starting line. When the instructor says, “GO,” stand up and sprint to the forward line (point to line 30 feet away), place one foot over the line, and sprint back to the starting line. Make a left turn around the first cone, then zigzag in a figure eight fashion around the four cones and zigzag back to the start line. Turn left around the first cone, and sprint to the forward line and back one more time. The clock stops when any part of your body crosses the finish line. If you knock over a cone, miss a turn, or fail to touch the line when turning, the instructor will stop you and return you to end of the line for a restart. Your score is the time it takes to complete the run and will be recorded to the tenth of a second. You will have two trials for this event.
The standard for this event is 20 seconds.

Illinois agility run

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