Home Energy Fair

The City of Irving's second annual Home Energy Fair was a great success!. This digital three-day series featured one-hour panels from subject matter experts who discussed how to beat the heat, make your home more energy efficient and renewable energy opportunities.

Enjoy these archived presentations from home energy experts:

Transitioning to Renewable Energy
Curious about renewable energy? Tune in on this one-hour session covering the basics of installing solar at your home.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient
Energy efficiency means energy savings. Join the Think Green team for a one-hour panel discussion about how to save energy in your home. 

Tips and Tricks for Energy Savings
Reducing your energy usage is good for the environment and your wallet. This one-hour panel session will discuss different ways you can reduce energy usage in your home.

Questions? Contact Environmental Programs Coordinator Emily Asbury at (972) 721-2687 or via email.

For more information about the City of Irving’s building codes and permitting requirements related to installation of solar, wind and geothermal systems on residential and commercial structures, contact the Inspections Department at (972) 721-4900.

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