Pet Tips

Follow these helpful tips to keep your pet happy and healthy all year long.

  1. Cold Weather Tips
  2. Hot Weather Tips

Brrrr, its cold outside. During the winter months, pets are susceptible to the frigid cold temperatures just like their owneGirl hugging Follow these tips to keep your pet warm and healthy this winter.

Wipe their paws. Walking in the neighborhood, a dog’s paws can pick up harmful chemicals from the ground such as antifreeze. The chemical is poisonous to pets and can cause severe harm when ingested. To avoid any injuries, wipe and clean their paws after the walk.

Bring your pet inside. All animals are at risk during freezing weather temperatures, regardless of size or breed. During extreme weather situations, pets can freeze to death or experience hypothermia. Additionally, pets should not be left in a car during freezing temperatures.

Limit time outdoors. Watch local weather reports for freezing temperatures. Also keep in mind, if it’s too cold for you, it is too cold for your pet. Consider putting a coat or sweater on your pet when outside.

Keep your pet’s long coat. An animal’s coat is their main source for warmth, so avoid closely shaving your dog’s long coat. For short-haired breeds, consider using a sweater when outdoors.

Reduce the amount of baths. Some shampoos can deplete a pet's coat’s natural essential oils, causing dry skin. Additionally, the chilly weather can increase a pet’s dry, flaky skin. After bath time, make sure to completely dry your pet before they go outside. 

 (Source: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)