Residential Checklist

Documentation Requirements for Building Permits 

(Remodels may not need all listed plans and documents.)

Documents / Plans
Dimensioned site plan or survey (showing property lines, setbacks, dimensions, etc.)
Architectural plans (showing floor plan, elevations, door, and window schedule, etc.)
Engineered foundation plan (including soil report information)
Engineer’s letter (if required by the foundation plan)
Energy iC3 (2021 IECC energy code) (see note 2 below)
Site grading plan (see note 3 below)
Electronic file in a PDF format of all plans and documents
Braced wall line diagram
Engineered brick-on-wood detail (if engineered)
Framing plans


1. For remodels and additions, if the foundation plan for an addition deviates from the City of Irving minimum foundation specifications, then an engineered foundation will be required.

2. A free download is available at the International Code Compliance Calculator (IC3) website. For additions, show the insulation values, u-values of glass / doors, and the SHGC for the glass. We do not accept a ResCheck since it does not meet the State of Texas energy requirements.

3. This may be a partial copy of the approved subdivision grading plan, if one was submitted with the plat application, in which case it will be available for review in the engineering plans room. If a subdivision grading plan was not approved, then a separate grading plan must be submitted.

Turnaround Time

Remodels and additions are reviewed within three business days. New houses take three days and townhouses take approximately five days to review.


  • A brick arch over a walking surface requires an engineered design or a steel lintel unless it is a semi-circular arch.
  • A separate permit is required for fences, lawn sprinklers, pools, retaining walls over 30 inches in height, etc.