Code Enforcement

  1. The front of a home with a carport.

    Planning a Carport? Request a Permit First

    Carports are a popular and great addition to a home. But before construction begins, the City of Irving needs to issue a permit. Read on...
  2. Man inspects a roof and gutter.

    Is Your Roof Ready for Mother Nature?

    The City of Irving Inspections Department offers tips for selecting a contractor when it is time for a new roof. Read on...
  3. Workers measure a wall while another installs drywall.

    Is a Building Permit Needed?

    Permits are required to erect, alter, move, enlarge, replace, demolish or repair a structure or building. Residents should verify that contractors have obtained proper permits for any work being done. Read on...
  4. Side of a tall apartment building.

    Multifamily Residents and Minimum Maintenance Standards

    Residents and property managers share the responsibility of maintaining a safe and healthy living environment. Read on...
  5. View of home from street

    City Implements Short-Term Rental Registration Program

    The Irving City Council recently adopted an ordinance requiring that short-term rentals operating within city limits be registered with the city by Oct. 1 to ensure the City of Irving can quickly contact owners when issues occur. Read on...
  6. Two dumpsters, one overflowing with trash and the other&#39s lid is properly closed.

    Help Keep Dumpsters Clean

    Violators of the city’s dumpster ordinance could face a fine. Leaving trash or other materials in the dumpster of a private business is illegal. Read on...
  7. Car parked illegally in yard.

    Reporting Parking Violations

    The City of Irving has two different departments that enforce parking ordinances depending on the type of violation. Learn which department to call based on the circumstances. Read on...
  8. Cars parked on both sides of a residential street.

    City of Irving Code Enforcement Q&As

    Setting the record straight: Code Enforcement answers residents’ questions about rules and regulations regarding property maintenance. Read on...
  9. Person cutting grass with manual push mower.

    High Grass and Weeds a Violation of City Code

    Grass and weeds more than 10 inches in height are a violation of city code. Refusal to comply within seven days of a notice can result in a citation and the city bringing the property into compliance at the owner’s expense. Read on...
  10. 2015-07-code.jpg

    Improving Curb Appeal of Your Property

    There are plenty of free or low-cost ways to enhance curb appeal. The City of Irving's Code Enforcement department offers ideas. Read on...
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Code Enforcement Officers Fight a Fire

Shout out to City of Irving Code Enforcement Officers Jaime Casas and Medhanie Estifanos! 

In early 2023, they were driving back to City Hall when they noticed smoke coming from the bushes near the clock tower in downtown Irving. They quickly pulled over and grabbed a fire extinguisher from their vehicle. 

While Estifanos sprayed the bushes, Casas called the Irving Fire Department. Thanks to their quick thinking they kept a bad situation from becoming even worse!

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Include the following information to help the investigation process:

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