Planning and Zoning

  1. Tudor Lane - Homes Completed - 2013

    Help Guide the City's Housing Future

    The City of Irving is updating its development codes to better serve the community and build for tomorrow. Residents, property owners and stakeholders are encouraged to share their experiences and changes they would like to see. Read on...
  2. Mother and daughters smiling, stand in front of garage doors.

    A New Housing Plan

    On July 1, the City Council was presented with a new Housing Plan, which seeks to address housing availability and affordability. The recommendations within this plan will be used to guide future city policy. Read on...
  3. Aerial view of a city.

    What is this Zoning District?

    Public and private schools, religious institutions or houses of worship, and nonprofit cultural institutions, public utilities, government buildings and facilities are allowable in all zoning districts. Other uses are restricted to specific districts. Read on...
  4. Main street in Irving with building facades, a tree, and traffic lights

    Rewriting the Zoning Ordinance

    The City of Irving’s zoning ordinance was written in 1964. With "Imagine Irving", residents set forth a bold new vision for the future. The City of Irving needs to update its tools to achieve that vision. Read on...
  5. Screenshot of the Interactive Map showing Irving.

    How to Find a Property’s Zoning

    First time using the city's Interactive Map? Use this step-by-step tutorial to find a property's zoning quickly. Read on...
  6. Children and adults decorate a driveway with chalk art during Irving&#39s 2020 Chalk the Block event

    Irving Neighborhood Associations Foster Community Spirit

    Neighborhood associations build stronger neighbor relationships, advocate for positive change in the area and establish an organized voice in city government. Read on...
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A Vision for the Future

Irving 2017 Comprehensive Plan - Brochure Cover Opens in new windowAdopted in July 2017, the Imagine Irving Comprehensive Plan guides the city as it transitions from a focus on new development to encouraging redevelopment and enhancing existing neighborhoods and commercial areas. 

The goal is to ensure an economically sustainable future where the infrastructure, housing and service needs of future residents and property owners can be met without reliance upon outside funding sources.

Read the 2017 Imagine Irving Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

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