Summer Meals

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Being the short-order cook to our growing little ones, and meeting their nutritional needs doesn’t end until adulthood, and sometimes not even then! How are you managing? No judgement here – my kid loves fast food too. It's convenient, but so unhealthy and expensive if not done in moderation.

Let's save those fast food trips for another time. This summer, why not visit one of our locations and munch on a nutritious, and free, meal every weekday from partnering organization, CitySquare. Don’t think these are bland, boring meals either. The menu for June alone includes chicken sandwiches, Philly cheesesteak, nachos, whole grain chips and dip, carrots and a variety of fruit juices. Kids and teens up to age 18 can receive a full meal and also participate in fun activities during their lunch time, courtesy of library and CitySquare staff!

Make sure to arrive toward the beginning of the lunch time, so you don't miss out. Due to the nature of the program, meals will only be offered to children and teens. Meals cannot be taken off-site. We appreciate your understanding.

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