Commercial: New Buildings and Additions


The following guidance provides a detailed overview of the City's permitting process and application requirements for new commercial construction and for additions to existing commercial buildings (square footage added to a property):

  • New Commercial Plan Review Process: Flowchart showing steps in the plan review process
  • Commercial Checklist: New Buildings and Additions: Provides details on current codes, required documents/plans, permit application process, early start procedures, other permits that may be required, and other department contacts.

Permit Application Process

To apply for a construction permit, comlete the following steps online through the City of Irving's online portal, My Government Online (MGO). Refer to our MGO user guide for instructions on how to create an MGO account and use the platform.

  • Submit construction permit application through the MGO online portal, including uploading required plans and documents.
  • A hard copy of the plans are required for large projects, such as apartments.
  • Pay the plan review fee (once application has be processed and invoice emailed)

Plans will be reviewed in six business days. If the permit cannot be issued, comments will be forwarded to the applicant. One set of revisions (including a pdf version) will be required for the Inspections Department. Revisions will be reviewed within six business days.

Special Inspections

Special Inspections may be required depending on the scope of work. Here are the Special Inspection forms:

  1. Program
  2. Statement (due at time of permit submittal)
  3. Approved Agency Report
  4. Final Report (due prior to final building inspection)

Have questions about your project? Email the Inspections Department at

Pre-Development Meetings

The City recommends that new construction applicants participate in a pre-development meeting, which allows the applicant to meet with multiple departments at once to inquire about city requirements and processes related to their proposed project. For more information or to request a meeting, visit our Pre-Development Meetings page.