Commercial Permit Checklist (new buildings and additions)

New Buildings and Additions

Documents / Plans 5, 6
Civil plans (drainage, utility, grading, dimensional control)
Architectural plans 1, 2
Structural plans 3
Engineered foundation plan
M.E.P. (HVAC, electrical, plumbing) 3
Landscape plan (include calculations)
Seating Plan (Restaurant, church, assembly areas, etc.)
Listing numbers from approved testing lab for all rated assemblies and penetration fire stops 4
Acoustical consultant certification 7
Energy calculations that meet the 2021 IECC (see ComCheck link)
Asbestos survey (only required for additions)
Document showing plans were submitted to Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) for a Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) review
Restaurant, daycare, school, nursing home, food sales/prep/processing 8
PDF of all plans and specifications
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the CIP Department
Statement of Special Inspections (PDF)(if required) 9
Specification book


  1. Must include door and window schedule, partition details, finish schedule, details of raised floors or platforms, stairs, ramps, etc. Plans must be to scale.
  2. Texas Architect’s seal is required for new buildings in excess of 20,000 square feet or over one story in height.
  3. Texas Engineer’s seal is required for new buildings exceeding 5,000 square feet or one story in height; spans in excess of 24 feet.; and buildings of other than conventional wood framing.
  4. Please consolidate this information including assembly drawing details on a separate sheet. (walls, floor / ceiling, roof / ceiling, wall and floor penetrations for pipes and conduit, structural frame, etc.)
  5. Plans identified as “Not For Construction” or “For Permit Only” will not be approved with that (or similar) notation.
  6. A separate permit is required for signs, fire sprinkler, fire alarm, irrigation system, construction trailers, drive approaches, pools, special egress control devices, on-site utilities, fire line, fences, retaining walls, etc.
  7. Acoustical consultant certification for all residential, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes within the 65-70 or over 70 DNL airport noise zones.
  8. Separate submittal for health plan review is required. Submit one set of kitchen plans and equipment specification sheets along with a health review application and the fee for the review.
  9. Special Inspections are required on some projects. Click on the following links for the forms: Special Inspection Program (PDF), Statement (PDF), Report (PDF), and Final Report (PDF).

Other Concerned Departments

DepartmentContact PersonPhone Number
Code Enforcement
(Multi-Family, Hotel Licenses)
Lukas Kratochvil(972) 721-4829
CIP/ Engineering
Anasse Ouedraogo/ 
Garry Fennell/ Joseph Lopez
(972) 721-2611
Traffic & TransportationCody Owens/ James White(972) 721-2646
Fire MarshalHaley Harsha/ Steve Gibbs/ Derek Austin(972) 721-2651
Water and Sewer Tap FeesWater Utilities - Andrew Storer/ Ashley Waits(972) 721-2281
Solid Waste Services
(972) 721-8059
PlanningKen Bloom, Gina Costanza-Grant, Sabas Martinez(972) 721-2424
Inspections Department - Building Inspections Plan ReviewJason Russell, Becky Capuchino, Maria Sanchez, Darnell Tucker(972) 721-2371