Understanding Your Bill

Water meters are read each month to determine how much water a home or business has consumed. There are instructions on how to read your meter on the FAQ page.

Using an example of 7,000 gallons of water consumption for a residential customer with a 3/4 inch meter and assuming that this is the total amount consumed for a given billing period, you can calculate your water bill utilizing our current Rate Schedule.

Water Service

All water service connections are charged a base rate by meter size, which includes 3,000 gallons of water. In other words, if you use 3,000 gallons or less in one billing period, your water charge would be $11.38. Thereafter, the charge is per 1,000 gallons of usage. Since the first 3,000 gallons are included in the minimum charge, the next usage block is $4.60 per 1,000 gallons. Your remaining usage, 4,000 gallons, would be billed $18.40. Add this to the minimum and your volume charge for this billing period will be $29.78 for the water portion of the bill.

Sewer Charges

Sewer charge is based on a winter month’s average (January, February, and March) and is calculated using the water usages for the given months. This is charged starting in May of the given year and recalculates each year based on the usages for the above mentioned months. These charges also have a minimum, or base, rate of $6.62 that includes 2,000 gallons of wastewater. For example, if your wastewater winter month's average is 5,000 gallons, your first 2,000 gallons are part of the base rate. Every 1,000 gallons thereafter is charged at the volume rate, which is $3.56. The remaining usage would be billed $10.68. Add this to the minimum and your sewer charge for this billing period will be $17.30 for the sewer portion of the bill.

Sanitation Rates

Sanitation rates are based on a fixed monthly fee. This charge is taxable, as indicated on your utility bill. For more information about sanitation rates, the landfill, recycling, and other programs, please contact Solid Waste Services.

Energy Charge

The Energy Charge of $0.98 was established by City Council to offset additional fuel costs related to providing solid waste services.

Drainage Rates

Drainage rates are based on the size of your lot. For more information about drainage rates and projects, or to report a drainage issue, please contact the Water Utilities department.

 Utility Franchise Fee

The Utility Franchise Fee is based on 2 percent of water, sewer, and sanitation charges on your monthly bill.

View an example of your Utility Bill (PDF)