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The library’s circulating materials weren’t meant to stay on a shelf. Why should library staff be confined to our buildings, when there are so many people to meet and partnerships to form to engage with the community! One of the many goals of the library’s Outreach Team is to make contact and foster relations with people who don’t visit the library or visit infrequently. Many cardholders use library resources remotely – at home, work or through mobile devices. So raising awareness about new and unique services where people live, do business and play is extremely important to create a high quality of life for Irving residents. Those who encounter the library’s Outreach Team know them to be friendly, fun and knowledgeable. Almost anywhere they show up, library card sign-up services are available. Just bring an acceptable form of identification.

Find the team at school assemblies, community fairs, local businesses, the park…just about anywhere! Team members spearhead some of the library’s biggest community events, such as Irving Reads, Library Card Sign-Up Month and Summer Reading Challenge. Business owners interested in partnering with Library Outreach on events should call (972) 721-4612.

Outreach Initiatives:

Irving ISD school teachers and staff can all have an Irving Library card of their very own! Don't live in Irving? No problem. Click on the card to learn more. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The Teacher Card is Here!

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Library Card Sign-Up Month

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Where Will the Outreach Team Be Next?

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