Library Card Sign-Up Month

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September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month. With a superhero theme and rallying cry, “Libraries are Wonderful,” Irving Library wants residents and regular city visitors to discover (or rediscover) the perks of membership. A library card unlocks a treasure trove of materials in print, audio, visual and electronic formats, all for free. It also provides access to workforce skills training, crafting tutorials, language courses, live homework coaches, resume writing assistance and more!

Cards for Irving residents are free! If a card has been lost or damaged it can be replaced for free at any Irving Public Library location.

Out of town visitors can purchase a card at low prices compared to other nearby cities. Tell your family and friends, anyone who still believes that libraries are a life transforming force, they can sign up or renew their membership at one of the Irving libraries in person or online

Don't just settle for the plain black and white card. We recently unveiled three new library card designs, one for each age group, although these designs appeal to all ages. 

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Visit Card-Types to see ID and address requirements prior to visiting a library  to create or replace an Irving Public Library card, registering for a card online or hopping on chat for card renewals. Or call (972) 721-4612 for additional details.

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