Traffic Unit


To report an ongoing traffic issue or request specific increased enforcement, email or call (972) 721-7835.


The Traffic Section is made up of several units, each with its own specific goals and functions:


Twelve officers and two sergeants are tasked primarily with traffic enforcement, with particular attention devoted to hazardous violations. Their main focus areas are the various highways throughout Irving and other high-accident locations. They also maintain a heavy presence in school zones. The motorcycle officers evaluate traffic complaints reported by citizens, and, when warranted, an enforcement plan is implemented to address the concern.


Five officers and a sergeant focus on Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) enforcement. Along with other Traffic Section members, they are part of the team that responds to fatality and other serious accidents. They are responsible for investigating any intoxication offenses involved in those accidents. Another of their duties is to give educational presentations about DWI prevention to schools, corporations and other community groups. Also, the DWI Sergeant manages the department’s Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement program that conducts inspections of large commercial vehicles to ensure they are operated safely on the city’s roadways.


Two officers investigate all hit and run accidents that are not suspended in the field due to lack of leads. They are trained in various advanced accident investigative techniques and are part of the team investigating fatality and other serious accidents.