Detention & Evidence

The Detention & Evidence Division consists of the following sections:

  • Forensic Investigations
  • Municipal Jail
  • Property and Evidence Section

Forensic Investigations

The main purpose of the Irving Police Department Forensic Investigations Unit is the application of modern science to investigate criminal cases and resolve legal issues. Forensic Investigations is a highly technical unit that is responsible for the identification, documentation, collection, analysis, and preservation of physical and digital evidence. The expertise of our investigators extends to a wide range of areas such as death investigations, shooting reconstruction, bloodstain pattern analysis and electronic evidence processing. Our investigators’ tasks include, but are not limited to, latent fingerprint processing and comparisons, photography, video analysis, DNA and hair collection, gunshot residue processing and diagramming of crime scenes. Investigators, in turn, are able to use a compilation of these forensic processes to establish the sequence of events at a crime scene and, at times, identify a possible suspect.

To contact our crime scene unit dial (972) 721-3525.

Municipal Jail

The Irving City Jail is a facility for the temporary confinement of pretrial individuals involved in the judicial process, as well as those individuals serving time assessed on misdemeanor Irving Municipal Court cases. The jail has a maximum capacity of 172 adult prisoners as well as a holding area for juveniles that are being detained. 

To contact the jail dial (972) 721-3608.


The property and evidence section stores, safeguards and properly disposes of all property that comes into the custody of the Irving Police Department. Most of the items brought to the property room are evidence of a crime and held for court purposes. The department strives to maintain property in the same condition as it was received. All reasonable efforts are made to return property to its rightful owner unless it must be held for court purposes or is deemed to be contraband. Otherwise, property is disposed of in accordance with legal requirements.

To contact our property room dial (972) 721-2688.