Leaks and Leak Adjustments

According to city ordinance, customers that present proof that a leak was repaired may be eligible for a concealed leak adjustment. The ordinance allows Customer Service to consider such a bill adjustment once every 12 months. The department may be able to lower a customer's water bill based on the information provided.

If a concealed leak caused your water bill to rise and the leak was recently repaired, complete a Request for Leak Adjustment (English (PDF)Spanish (PDF)) and submit it to the Customer Service Department, per the instructions on the form, for consideration.

Leak Detection

Leaks not only cause water loss, but may lead to high water bills. The best way to check for leaks in the entire plumbing system is to take a meter reading. Record the water meter reading at a time when no one will use any water to the residence for several hours. Then, after several hours, take another reading. For example, a customer can take the first reading before going to bed and the second after rising. The two readings should be the same if no one has used water in the house for several hours. If the readings are not the same, the system likely has a leak.

Also note the fine flow indicator, which is a small triangle or diamond on the face of the meter. If it is turning, that means that water is going through the meter and into the house. Remember that humidifiers, refrigerator units (ice makers), toilets and all water softeners use water. If these items are in use, water will pass through the meter.