Irving Public Library Strategic Plan 2019-22

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Strategy 2: Stand UP & Stand OUT

Goal 1: Strengthen the Library’s presence and prominence in the community.

>> Explore creative solutions to increase social media communications and outreach efforts, increasing awareness to the Library’s large portfolio of resources and programs.

>> Continue to identify underserved populations within the City, developing action plans for reaching these groups to inform them of library programs and services and solicit ideas to better meet their needs.

>> Develop avenues for growth opportunities in multilingual programming, resources and literature.

>> Re-establish mobile community outreach efforts by deploying a MiYGO Van, increasing opportunities for citizens to participate in demonstrations and library programs citywide.

Goal 2: Stand out as an organization defined by and recognized for service excellence.

>> Increase effectiveness of staff by leveraging technology efficiently and restructuring the distribution of key functions such as collection development, customer service standards, programming and resource coordination.

>> Support professional development through participation in City of Irving and Library-sponsored education and training programs, such as iLead and Irving University.

>> Grow staff skills through the development of knowledge transfer programs that include mentoring, job shadowing and cross-training.

>> Improve utilization of in-house training by embracing City of Irving’s Cornerstone LMS as a platform for publishing, assigning, and tracking staff training.

>> Rigorously measure resource allocations and outcomes of library programs and services to ensure excellent value to library stakeholders.

>> Partner with the Communications Department to explore innovative advancements to the Library website, to include ease of use across mobile platforms.