Irving Public Library Strategic Plan 2019-2022

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Strategy 3: Take Stock...of our collections, our services and our programs

Goal 1: Build and maintain a library collection that is relevant to the community.

>> Re-assess and revise the library’s collection development / collection management policy and procedures, including weeding, bindery, gifts and all other aspects of collection development.

>> Develop innovative and effective tools that measure collection use and relevancy.

>> Evaluate the viability of offsite storage solutions and develop processes that promote accessibility of any materials stored offsite to ensure that materials are managed efficiently.

>> Identify and invest in areas of the collection where local interest, language, or timeliness of information is critical and drive demand.

>> Set aggressive goals for growing the digital collection with relevant and popular materials.

Goal 2: Establish core programming strategies that are relevant to the community and fulfill the Library’s mission.

>> Establish key focus areas for library programming utilizing surveys, statistical information and conversations with community stakeholders.

>> Solicit feedback from underserved populations to ensure community representation in programming strategies.

>> Assess the organization’s readiness and capacity for implementing core programming strategies; adjust organizational structure and/or work assignments to align with implementation if needed.

>> Develop a program satisfaction assessment tool to measure the effectiveness of programs in meeting community needs.

>> Pursue effective ways of marketing and branding core programming strategies.

>> Assess and revise methods for planning and funding for programming.

Goal 3: Analyze and improve library services for efficiency and accessibility.

>> Examine key processes to identify areas for improving staff efficiency.

>> Assess library service processes for their potential to create barriers to library use.

>> Investigate potential gains and cost effectiveness of adopting new technologies that improve service quality and staff efficiency.

>> Create structures for process review directed at increasing customer service quality.

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