Irving Public Library Strategic Plan 2019-2022

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Goal 1: Create a Library Facilities Master Plan that provides a framework to ensure that future investments in Irving library facilities align with community needs.

>> Study the geographic placement of library services throughout the city and make recommendations for future.

>> Evaluate the condition of library buildings in order to plan for future maintenance needs.

>> Analyze how customers currently use libraries and what mix of services and spaces best fits the needs of each library community.

>> Engage the community in conversations to ensure future planning aligns with community needs.

>> Report master planning results to Library Board and City Manager with proposals for future funding priorities.

Goal 2:  Implement user-centered solutions that fulfill immediate customer service needs.

>> Utilize new furniture solutions that could lead to greater capacity for service where needed.

>> Assess space for programming at the Valley Ranch and East libraries and implement changes that could lead to improved programming quality and capacity.

>> Explore flexible solutions for programming and services that take advantage of multipurpose spaces to meet a variety of community needs.

>> Apply solutions that effectively address public safety needs in all library facilities.

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