Future Housing Needs

Single-family. Cottage. Compact. Mixed use. Condo. Townhouse. Apartment. Senior. Affordable. Workforce. Executive. With so many choices available, what is the best residential fit and mix for Irving? The city wants to meet its current housing needs, while ensuring its plans satisfy residents for the next several decades.

The City of Irving held meetings in early 2020 and again in early 2021 to gather community feedback about future housing needs. Now, staff is compiling the data from the meetings and will recommend to the City Council a policy that provides a roadmap for the next 20 years.

This 20-year plan will help guide the city's actions that affect the availability, affordability and quality of housing. It will help inform decisions about the city’s housing assistance programs, planning and zoning, investments into parks, libraries, streets and water systems, as well as other budget items.

Housing Plan

On July 1, the City Council accepted a new housing plan.  This plan makes several recommendations on how to address the quantity, variety, and affordability of housing within the City of Irving.  

The plan suggests several strategies for preserving and improving the existing housing inventory, partnering with builders to add additional inventory, and adjusting regulations to make construction of new products easier.  

It also establishes annual targets for new construction and preservation activity. 

The city is now studying the various recommendations presented in this plan and will present the most promising ideas to City Council for consideration and adoption as new city programs and policies.   

Residents can review the summary presentation or the new housing plan and e-mail comments or suggestions to planning@cityofirving.org.   

Background Resources

Cover of the 2021 Irving Housing Strategy documentResidents can review the housing strategy study (Estrategia de Vivienda de la Cuidad de Irving) – a brief document developed in 2021 that:

  • Explains the concept of “housing affordability.”
  • Discusses when financial assistance is needed to encourage the development of affordable housing.
  • Proposes new approaches to encourage the preservation and production of housing.

Meetings were recorded and are available on-demand:

Questions or comments can be emailed to planning@cityofirving.org