Animal Services News

  1. Sky, a gray puppy, picked up by Irving Animal Services and now in her forever home.

    'Foster To Adopt' a Lovable Companion

    Sky was an emaciated young pup, weighing 19.6 pounds, when Irving Animal Services’ (IAS) officers picked her up in November. IAS’ “Foster to Adopt” program provided the life-saving heartworm treatment she needed and found her a “forever” home. Read on...
  2. True Love - Dog

    Texas Animal Health Commission Issues FAQs for Pet Owners

    The agency offers animal owners a FAQs sheet to help them understand the coronavirus, how animals may be affected, and how to prepare in the event of illness. Read on...
  3. Irving Animal Care Campus - 4140 Valley View Lane Irving, TX 75038

    Animal Services Institutes Changes During Disaster Order

    In an effort to protect public health, the City of Irving will manage public access at the Irving Animal Care Campus. Managed access will remain in effect until further notice. All volunteer and community service activities are suspended. Read on...
  4. Dog Howling Outside

    Pet's Excessive Barking, Howling can be a Nuisance to Neighbors

    Excessive barking, howling or other noises from animals kept on a resident’s property disturb the peace and quiet of surrounding neighbors. Read on...

Money-Saving Pet Health Service

For Irving residents, keeping a pet healthy doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Through programs offered at the Irving Animal Care Campus, pet owners can save hundreds of dollars on low-cost vaccinations, wellness checks and spay/neuter services,as well as free rabies vaccinations and microchipping. For more information, visit the Events at the IACC page.

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