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Dallas County Offers Emergency Housing Assistance Program

Irving residents are eligible to receive housing assistance from Dallas County to pay rent, mortgage or utilities. The assistance is the form of a grant, and no repayment is needed. Payments are made directly to the landlord, mortgage company or utility provider.

To qualify, Dallas County residents must:

  • Have lived within the county since March 1, but outside Dallas city limits. See eligible ZIP codes.
  • Make less than 80% of the Dallas-area median household income (i.e., $48,300/individual).
  • Not have received additional housing assistance from the CARES federal stimulus program via another agency.
  • Not currently on a voucher program, living in HUD assisted units or living in a relative’s home.

Participants must provide documentation showing the impact of COVID-19 on their living circumstances, such as job or income loss, reduction in work hours or increased health care expenses. Other documentation is required, such as ID, proof of occupancy and lease or mortgage statement. For more information, visit these nonprofit partners’ websites or call:

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