Submittal Procedure

Submittal Procedures for New Buildings and Additions

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Plans will be checked in approximately one week. If the permit cannot be issued, comments will be forwarded to the applicant. Two sets of revisions will be required for Building Inspections. Revisions will be reviewed within one week after submittal. Note that the other departments (Fire, Traffic, and Engineering) will either contact the applicant or civil engineer directly. Revisions for these departments should also be submitted to Building Inspections.

Special Inspections may be required depending on the scope of work.  Here are the Special Inspections forms:

    1.  Program
    2.  Statement
    3.  Approved Agency Report
    4.  Final Report

Early Start Procedures

There are no established early start or fast track procedures for the review of building permit construction drawings in the City of Irving. Zoning cases must have final City Council approval prior to the issuance of a building permit. Plats must be approved, signed, and returned to the Planning Department to file (or plat may be filed by others) prior to permit issuance.

Attempting to obtain a Foundation-Only Permit does not save any review time because the majority of the wait for a plan review is due to projects already in line for review. Also, most of the plan review of the entire building must be completed in order to issue any portion of the building permit. However, there are ways to speed the process:
  • Concurrently submitting building permit application and plans while the zoning case and / or plat is being processed
  • Obtaining a grading permit prior to a building permit, assuming there are no trees on site)
  • Applying for a shell building permit with interior finish plans and permit to follow