Citywide Scavenger Hunt - The Egg Edition Clue 1


Clue #1 begin your Adventure! Hop to it little bunny, the fun has begun, senter your thoughts at the recreation center where the park has been re-done.

Here’s a hint where to start:

  1. Pointers:

    • You’ll need a mobile device with wifi or data connection to the internet.
    • Open the camera on your mobile device, focus on the QR code to scan and click link above to access each clue.
    • Continue your hunt until you scan the final clue. The final QR code will provide a form that once submitted with the correct answers will receive a prize.
    • While enjoying the Scavenger Hunt, take a family photo or selfie and post on Facebook using the hashtag #IrvingEvents.
    • Please respect all parks and leave the Scavenger Hunt signs in place for more participants to find and enjoy. This activity is meant for everyone to enjoy and explore the great parks in Irving.

    Irving Parks and Recreation encourages safe exercise and out-of-doors activities, while continuing to follow CDC guidelines, including washing hands, wearing a face covering and avoiding close contact by maintaining 6 feet of distance between others.