Urban Wildlife

NEW Loan Service for Residents

Irving Animal Services has deterrent devices available for loan to residents and businesses, such as ultrasonic devices and  motion-activated sprinklers and lights. 

These devices can be borrowed for up to two weeks, free of charge. Information about how to use the devices will be provided. Borrowers must sign a deterrent agreement.

Wild Animals in Irving

A variety of wildlife species are native to Irving. They share this urban landscape with humans and pets among the city’s green spaces. 

IAS responds to situations involving wildlife when public safety is in jeopardy. However, the mere presence of a native wild animal does not typically constitute a public safety threat. IAS recommends preventing wild animals from becoming accustomed to people as the first step in reducing wildlife conflicts.

Wild animals will continue to come to a location as long as they find sources of food, water or shelter needed for survival. Trapping and removing wildlife does not solve the problem, it simply creates a vacancy for another wild animal to move in and use the available resources. The following information can help prevent and resolve wildlife conflicts.

  1. Reduce Conflicts 
  2. Protect Pets
  3. Orphaned/Injured Wildlife

A few relatively simple measures can help prevent or resolve conflicts between people and their wild neighbors:

  • Never intentionallfeed wildlife.
  • Keep trash containers tightly sealed.
  • Feed pets indoors or pick up any remaining food after they have had about 30 minutes to eat.
  • Hang bird feeders out of reach of other animals. Do not leave birdseed in feeders or on the ground overnight.
  • If you have a pet door, close it securely at night.
  • Trim overhanging branches and overgrown landscaping.
  • Cover crawlspace and attic openings.
  • Carefully inspect and repair eaves and other areas where the roof and house join. 
  • Ensure the chimney has a secure cap.
  • Use barriers to prevent animals from digging underneath homes, decks and sheds.
  • If an animal must be removed from a home or business, use humane removal options.
  • Keep dumpsters away from fences, and trim branches that overhang them. Keep lids and doors closed to keep animals out.