Diversity and Inclusion

Irving Pledges Commitment to Fostering Diversity and Inclusivity in Community 

FatherDaughterWeb.jpgIrving is home to the most diverse ZIP codes in the nation - a true melting pot of cultures, religions, races, nationalities and beliefs. The senseless murder of George Floyd on Memorial Day must be condemned at all levels, and as a city, we mourn with Floyd’s family, friends and others across the nation. Our community has experienced its own struggles over the years, and the City of Irving commits to fostering diversity and inclusivity, upholding the highest standards for policing and continuing to provide opportunities for community members to participate in the local government process.

The day after Floyd’s murder, the Irving Chief of Police tweeted the following:

The tenants of procedural justice, respect, voice, transparency and fairness should be our guiding principles. We must find a way to ensure this never happens again. We all have a responsibility to live up to the highest standards which this noble profession demands.
- Irving Chief of Police Jeff Spivey

2016-04-penny-drive.jpgThe city stands behind the Irving Police Department and echoes the sentiments of Chief Spivey. United in the mission to protect the safety, health and welfare of the community, the City of Irving and the Irving Police Department make the following pledges to the community:

  • Develop a Citywide Diversity and Inclusion Initiative
    The City of Irving has an internal Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) program, which includes a commitment to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and equality among its workforce, and eliminating discrimination. The city is kicking off Phase Two of the D&I plan, which is to develop a citywide program, informed by a variety of stakeholders, community groups and perspectives, who will help create a citywide comprehensive D&I plan for Irving. Actively embracing and seeking to understand the diverse cultures, religions, lifestyles and beliefs in Irving will help the city make better decisions now and in the future. The D&I initiative is part of the city’s Fiscal Year 2020-21 Business Plan.
  • Ongoing Training, Communication and Accountability to Maintain High Policing Standards
    The Irving Police Department (IPD) has many of the "8 Can’t Wait" policies currently in place. As a general order that is written into policy, the department requires officers to protect the rights of all persons with a bias-free policing directive that mandates employees treat everyone with dignity, courtesy, compassion, fairness and impartiality. Through ongoing training and certifications, reinforced communication skills and clear accountability protocols, IPD continues to maintain high policing standards. The department conducts annual reviews of all policies and procedures to ensure IPD’s tactics align with the latest training, court cases and best practices. Additionally, the police department works with the Irving Police Training Academy Advisory Board, which is made up of a diverse group of independent community members who provide policy recommendations related to the coordination, evaluation and implementation of training for the department.
  • Author Claudia Rueda visits East Library and Learning Center in Irving.Foster and Encourage a Participatory Form of Government
    The opportunity to gather perspectives, input and suggestions from people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and beliefs helps strengthen the City of Irving’s decision-making process and positively affects the community overall. Citizen participation takes many forms, from voting in an election, speaking at a City Council meeting and meeting with community leaders, to volunteering to serve on City Council, as well as its Boards and Commissions. People also can participate in community programs through the Police and Fire Departments, volunteer at city facilities to assist departments, attend the Irving 360° Academy and provide input on the annual city budget. The city needs engaged residents, business owners and community members to further understand, address and eliminate disparities among various groups, as well as generate fresh, innovative ideas. For other ways to participate, email info@cityofirving.org.

The City of Irving is committed to promoting a high quality of life for residents, visitors and businesses. As an organization, we promise to make diversity and inclusion a priority, to continually refine and develop best practices in policing and to foster a participatory government. One of the most powerful assets Irving has is the community’s wide range of cultures. Help Irving plan for a better tomorrow for future generations by working together to ensure all voices are heard and part of the process.