Claiming A Vehicle

The registered owner of an impounded vehicle must have the following documents to claim the vehicle:

               1. Valid Government issued Driver’s License or Identification Card

               2. Proof of current insurance for the vehicle retrieved

               3. Proof of Ownership (title required)

If someone OTHER than the registered owner is wanting to claim the vehicle, they must have one (1) of the following ADDITIONAL documents:

               1. Notarized Authorization to Release.

               2. Power of Attorney.

               3. Legal Repossession documents.

               4. Note on hospital letterhead dated & timed that the owner or driver is in their care.

               5. Death Certificate.

               6. Authorized release from the registered owner or driver in custody.

               7. Current rental agreement in their name.

               8. Court order.


Owners whose vehicle is awaiting transfer to an insurance company may ONLY retrieve personal identifying information from their vehicle.

No one may remove items off of or out of a vehicle such as tires, electronics, seats, car battery, etc without the approval of and being accompanied by a Police Officer.

No one under the age of 18 is allowed past the gated entry. No unaccompanied or unsupervised children will be allowed to remain in the lobby.

Only one (1) person at a time is permitted past the gated entry to be escorted by Auto Pound personnel to assist you at your vehicle. A person with a significant injury or handicap may have one (1) adult accompany them.

If a vehicle is listed with a “Hold” you will be referred to Irving PD’s Auto Pound at 972-721-2335.

A person signing over the release of a vehicle to an insurance company must do it in person at the Auto Pound.

When a customer’s vehicle is being released from the Auto Pound AND being towed away by a 3rd party wrecker service (not Walnut Hill Wrecker Service), BOTH the customer and 3rd party wrecker MUST be present and fees MUST be paid at the same time.

To VIEW ONLY a vehicle not being released you must have one of the following:

Valid State issued DL or ID card (no photocopies)


Government Issued ID card

Work ID or School ID with photos

Jail Wrist band

Paper Birth Certificates or Social Security cards will NOT be accepted.