Fees And Payments


     Payments are only accepted in the forms of Cash or Credit / Debit cards (American Express not accepted). Personal checks or virtual credit cards are not accepted. Please call to confirm payment prior to arrival.


     The customer will be advised of the total amount of fees to be paid to the cashier at the time the vehicle is released. Total fees are charged based on the kind of wrecker equipment used, other mandated fees, and taxes as described below. The total fees will be higher if any of the listed Special Fees are assessed.

          Regular / Light Duty: $145.00

          Medium Duty: $175.00 / hour

          Heavy Duty: $250.00 / hour

          Impound Fee: $21.03

          Daily Storage Fee: $21.03 for vehicles under 25 feet, $36.80 for vehicles over 25 feet.

                    • Vehicles will accrue a daily storage charge immediately upon impoundment. Daily storage charges are then assessed at each midnight thereafter.

          Notification Fee: $50.00 (applies to vehicles left more than 24 hours)

          8.25% Sales Tax is collected only on the Impound Fee and Storage Fee.

          There will be a 1.75% fee added to credit card transactions.

Special Fees:

          • Any vehicle towed from outside of Irving to the Irving Auto Pound incurs a $3.00 per mile charge from the point of pick up to the Irving City Limits.

          • Off-Road Recovery: Factors to determine pricing are based on the kind of equipment utilized, time involved, and the distance of the recovery. Please call prior to retrieving an Off-Road Recovery.