Frequently Asked Questions

          1. If my vehicle is impounded for No Insurance, and I bring proof of insurance to the Auto Pound, can I get the fees waived?

               No, Irving Auto Pound personnel will not make any determination of fee waivers.

          2. Do I have to bring insurance to get my car out of the Auto Pound?

               Yes, if the vehicle is being released from the Auto Pound proof of insurance for the vehicle is required.

          3. Do I have to pay to get my own stolen vehicle out of the Auto Pound?

               Yes, if the Irving Police Department recovers and impounds your stolen vehicle, there will be a charge.

          4. Can Walnut Hill Wrecker Service tow my car if I don't know of a tow service? 

               Yes, any vehicle towed by Walnut Hill Wrecker Service from any point in the City of Irving to any point outside of the City is charged a fee of $95.00, plus a 10% fuel surcharge, plus a $3.00 per mile fee from the Irving City Limits to the drop point. This is known as a Private Tow.

          5. If my vehicle is on “Hold” will Daily Storage fees still accrue?

               No, Daily Storage fees do not accrue while a vehicle is on Hold, but once the Hold is dropped per the investigator, the Daily Storage fees will begin to accrue.

          6. Am I allowed to get my things out of my vehicle?

               Yes, personal identifying information such as passports, documents, titles can be retrieved. No one may remove items off of or out of a vehicle such as tires, electronics, seats, etc without the approval of and being accompanied by a Police Officer.

          7. What kind of ID do I need to present to look at my car in the Auto Pound?

               A person may use one of the following types of ID to view their vehicle: Government-issued ID, Passport, Work or School ID with a photo, Jail wrist band. No Paper birth certificates or Social Security cards nor photocopies of the above are allowed.